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  1. So that's the end??? Nawa oooo!

  2. This is a new Blog to me. Please this news is very false. His Excellency, Sullivan Chime has never been to India. He is hale and hearty and has not been this healthy in his life.Those wishing him dead will likely perish before him
    As of today, Sullivan is in Enugu enjoying the very delicious Udi palm wine. Please correct this falsehood.

  3. What would it benefit anyone to publish this type of thrash other than to drive traffic to the blog. Would it not have been better to try to verify this recycled story that is four years old. Sullivan Chime by the Grace of God Almighty is alive and well. Today, September 10, 2016 he woke up to enjoy his retirement after a hectic 8 years in office as Governor of Enugu State. The prayers of Enugu people and their well wishers will sustain him for a life time, extoling the wonderful works that God used him to do in Enugu State. The ill will of a few miscreants cannot reverse that. Enugu continues to thank God for the gift of Sullivan Chime. Continue to enjoy your retirement, Your Excellency.



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