Everyone wants to be educated, there are great number of educated people in the world and yet we face even greater problems. Economic crisis, insurgencies, terrorists’ attack, prostitution, rape, looting of public funds, and numerous anti-social vices emanate and we do not know how to prevent or curb the effects of such problems. Education to many is the key to success but I would say that “purposeful education”[/i] is the key to success. 

In this present century, I only but laugh at people who foolishly think that getting a certificate from a known university in the world is all there is to success.

Let me make a point clear here,[i]

When you do well as a prostitute, you are successful!

When you do well as an armed rubber, you are successful!

When you successfully divert or loot funds which are meant for the development of the society or country, you are successful! 

Doing very well in your kidnapping business? You are successful

Acquiring great wealth as a fraudster, you are equally successful!

I could go on and on![/i]

What baffles me is this, 97% of those who are involved in such vices are the “educated ones”. These people went to school, obtained the right qualifications, and made rather a terrible choice of life.

Note this [i]

Education is no longer perceived as something being acquired in academic building such as schools, universities, colleges, polytechnics etc.
Knowledge can be acquired anywhere; 

I could say

When one decides to learn a trade, he or she is acquiring knowledge!

When you learn how to sew, make braids, and just about anything you can think of, you are also being educated.

This is where purposeful education plays a vital role[/i]

“Being purposeful means having a useful purpose, acting with a clear aim and with determination”.

What then is purposeful education?[i]

Simply put, it is undoubtedly, acquiring knowledge for a useful purpose.
A lot of youths today are educated, what matters is what they have decided to do with that knowledge.
Anybody who is purposeful and determined to achieve and be a positive impact in the society cannot and can never settle for less no matter what.

We all know that our economy is presently in a poor state. Do we improve the economy by committing more crimes? 
We complain that government do not provide employment opportunity for us, and yet there are people who have succeeded in becoming business owners on their own without the help of our so called government.

The bottom line is;[/i]

We can all decide to make positive impacts in the country.
We can achieve greater heights if we diligently work towards it.
It is often said that “it is the you in you that makes you who you are”.

Are you idle? Complaining of lack of jobs?[i]

Get up today and begin to explore. Try out as many things as possible and you would be marveled at how life would smile at you. Awaken that sleeping lion inside you, think out of the box and if you think you do not know where and how to start, read financial and business books written by our very own Nigerian authors. I could recommend a few; they are- “small business big money”[/i] written by Akin Alabi (founder of Nairabet)“sell your brain”[i] written by Leonard Nzimora. And lots more.

Let us strive to achieve something in life, to discover our purpose of existence and become the agent of change we need in the country. It is only then that we can come up with solutions to most of the problems we face today.
Become that change we need in the country by changing your life first. 

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