Lorver Angbir, a 48-year-old farmer from Tse-Nyamsho village in Keana Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, has gone into hiding after a fulani herdsman who had impregnated his wife threatened his life. In Angbir's words, his sin was that both his wife, Mwuese, and the child she had from the pregnancy perished while she was in the process of giving birth. After speaking with a herdsman who identified himself as Alhaji Abu, Angbir decided that he was responsible for Mwuese's and the baby's deaths due to his dissatisfaction with the fact that she had been impregnated by another man.

When Angbir spoke to our correspondent from hiding, he confessed that he regretted the day he first met Mwuese, with whom he had been married for eight years before she was taken over by another man, in a manner he considered humiliating, while Mwuese appeared to take pleasure in every aspect of the ignominious development.

"My wife had a sexual relationship with a Fulani man with whom we had lived as brothers in the same community for years," Angbir, who has since sought sanctuary in another area, explained. "She became pregnant for him, and she came out out and told me that he was the one who caused her pregnancy." It took me completely by surprise when Alhaji Abu began appearing in my wife's chamber and ordering me out of the house out of nowhere.

His words were chilling: "He stated I should search for another place to sleep since he had taken over my wife and threatened to slaughter me like a bull if I attempted to raise any suspicions about what was happening."

He would always show up armed with a rifle and other tools of the trade.

"He would come into my house and lay on top of my bed virtually every night, and he would do the same with my wife." It surprised me because she didn't seem to have any issues with it." This dreadful development persisted for over a year before she was finally taken in.

"We had been married for about eight years at the time, and I adored her."

"I kept quiet because he threatened to eliminate me if I did anything funny," I said. "I assume that he put a charm on my wife, because he completely took over my wife, offering stuff to her while my wife was carrying meals to him directly in my presence."

When asked about his marriage to Mwuese, Angbir recounted how he had used up all of the income from his farm about eight years ago, saying, "We had lived blissfully together without any worries." We were so in love that I didn't want her to suffer because of the difficult terrain in our area, so I hired her to sell provisions while I went to the farm on my own. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Alhaji began sleeping with her. He quickly gained entire control over my wife and me, sleeping with her in my own room and threatened to murder me in the event that I raised any suspicions. This went on for a while until my wife become pregnant. Since the beginning of their clandestine affair, I have been unable to have sexual relations with my wife. When she was about to give birth to a child and died in the process, Alhaji Abu believed I had purposefully killed her in order to prevent her from giving birth to the child. I denied this. As a result, he vowed that the moment he laid eyes on me, he would slaughter me like a bull. "It was for this reason that I had to flee for my life." This occurred in May, and I have not returned to my hometown since.

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'If it hadn't been for certain Fulani herdsmen who stood by me in the village, I would have died by now,' says the narrator.

Angbir is now forced to live as a fugitive, unable to return to his home for fear of being assassinated by Alhaji Abu, who he claims has vowed to eliminate him. He is unable to visit his family or friends.

The man has also claimed that he has been the subject of mental and psychological stress as a result of his wife's alleged infidelity and betrayal while they were still legally married.

A hamlet in the Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State called Tse-nyamsho is where the couple was living together at the time.

A full-time farmer, Angbir was said to have cherished his now estranged wife to the point that he raised money for her to launch a small business selling provisions in the community while abstaining from interfering with his farming operations.

His suspicions were confirmed six years after their marriage when he discovered that the 51-year-old herdsman was having an affair with his wife.

According to one of Angbir's cousins, who identified himself only as Mr. Agba, his quest for financial security, which frequently required him to be away from home and on the farm from the wee hours of the morning to the wee hours of the night, caused a rift in his marriage.

The following conversation happened between Angbir and our correspondent, who was listening in from the former's hiding place in a settlement in the suburbs of Lafia, the capital of Nasarawa State:

What's your name, by the way?

I am Lorver Angbir, a resident of Tse-nyamsho village in the Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. My father is a farmer.

Is it really necessary for you to be here during farming season, when you should be at your village?

In my neighborhood, we live among the Fulani. We had lived peacefully among them for many years, until a good friend, Alhaji Abu, came to my house at approximately 11:30 p.m. one night and asked me to find another place to sleep since he was going to spend the night with my wife. This was about two years ago. I thought it sounded unusual, so I inquired as to why. He claimed he had seized control of my wife and threatened to murder me if I refused to comply or notified anybody about it. He pulled out a small gun and cautioned me once more not to reveal its location to anyone else.

That's how the man gained control of my wife and continued to threaten to kill me. It was the first time he'd heard it. He also told me not to sleep with my wife or demand sex from her again, even on the nights when he did not come to the house.

As a surprise, I attempted to make sexual moves toward her one fateful night when Abu did not appear. She refused, stating that she would inform Alhaji Abu if I attempted to do so. I was completely taken aback. She informed me straight to my face that Abu had taken over and that she would now be able to cook for me and do other household responsibilities like a wife, but that sex would be out of the question. Soon after, she became pregnant, and many people assumed I was to blame. However, Alhaji Abu confronted me and told me that the unborn child belonged to him and that if anything went wrong with the pregnancy, he would hold me accountable. I felt uncomfortable with what was going on, so I attempted to express my dissatisfaction to her parents. The problem was that Alhaji Abu had bought them over and there was little they could do about it, so I just accepted fate and let the sleeping dog lie. I was able to concentrate on my farm job while Abu took care of our daughter. He would offer her money, poultry, and other items in exchange for her services.

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We reside in a rural place where there is no access to a medical facility. Consequently, when my mother went into labor, my younger sisters were with her in the village, and Alhaji Abu also dispatched two of his daughters and his first wife to be present for the occasion. She had been in labor for the entire day, and when she was unable to give birth, Alhaji Abu arranged for a motorcycle to take her to Gizer, the nearest clinic, where she was delivered. During the course of the procedure, she gave birth to a baby boy who died shortly after. She succumbed to her injuries two hours later.

When this occurred, Abu assumed that I had something to do with the woman's death, and I inquired as to how. One week after this event, he came to my house in the middle of the night and threatened to shoot me with a gun. I was deep asleep at the time. It was only through the intervention of some Fulani herdsmen that my life was saved. I fled the region because he was serious about eliminating me since he accused me of being responsible for the death of my wife, who was pregnant with his child at the time. I'm taking refuge here for my own protection.

It is harvest time, but I am unable to return to my home because a guy has threatened my life, claiming that I was responsible for my wife's murder, despite the fact that I have no knowledge of the incident.

What about your family members?

There are still some of my younger siblings in the neighborhood. In fact, they took care of everything throughout my absence. Alhaji Abu stated that, with the exception of me, he had no business or concerns with my family members. He believes that I killed my wife on purpose because she was pregnant his child at the time of her death. All of my explanations were met with deafening silence.

Have you contacted the authorities about the situation?

I'm concerned that if I disclose the incident or the threat to my life to the police and an arrest is made, my family members would be put in immediate danger. That is the task I have set for myself.

But did you actually kill your wife or do any harm on her when she was giving birth?

How would I go about doing that, my brother? I was truly upset that someone had taken control of my gorgeous wife, whom I had to endure in order to marry, but I couldn't kill her since she had betrayed me. It is possible that she died as a result of complications from the lengthy labor she endured. It is not accurate to state that I murdered her. I didn't say or do anything to hurt her. She died as a result of natural causes.

You may not be aware of the fact that my in-laws feel that I killed her because they are dissatisfied with my actions. But God knows I didn't do anything to her, and I have no doubts about my character.

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