Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has vowed yet again not to cede any land to Fulanis in the state.

Ortom stated that he would rather die than give up his land to the Fulani, who have "made over a million people homeless in his state."

The governor addressed reporters in Markudi, the state capital.

He bemoaned the fact that herders had killed, raped, and driven some people from their homes in the state.

Ortom chastised the Nigerian government for putting on a show in the fight against insecurity.

Ortom insisted that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has refused to apprehend killer herders despite having the capacity to do so.

“Our people are dying, our women and mothers are being raped, our children can't go to school, and they are suffering,” he said.

“These criminals, they show up on social media, claiming to be here with an agenda to drive our people away, take over their land, and kill them.

“And they are here thanks to the Federal Government, but if they come, I am willing to die rather than surrender my land to Fulani men. If God didn't protect me, I don't need anyone's help.”

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