Robert Tyough, Member of Parliament for Kwande/Ushongo Federal Constituency, started off the drilling of 120 motorised boreholes across his Constituency's twenty-six (26) council wards on Saturday.

Rep Tyough said he intends to deliver a total of 120 motorised boreholes across the federal constituency, with at least four boreholes in each of the fifteen council wards of Kwande and eleven in Ushongo Local Government Area, during the exercise's flag-off at Agba-Mbakyan Traditional Council Hall, Koti-Apera in Mbagba-Mbakyan Council Ward of Kwande Local Government Area.

He stated that the goal of the water project is to offer decent water to the residents of his area, hence reducing the health risks associated with unsanitary water, and that all 120 boreholes will be supplied within a year.

Rep. Tyough stated that he was working on bringing additional democratic dividends to the people, such as youth and women empowerment programs, and urged people to be patient.

Rep Tyough confessed to Nanev Development Association, shortly before the flag off, that he had temporarily put on hold his scholarship plan because he needed to save money for the purchase of a drilling rig to facilitate his ambition for the water project. He stated that now that he had the gear, he would see the exercise through to the end. As a result, he expressed gratitude to the pupils for their patience.

Many residents of the Koti Apera village came out to watch the flag-off exercise with bated breath.

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