…Switches off Phone as Thugs Chase Supporters from his gate

By Vincent Ogbu

Reliable sources within the All Progressives Congress APC in Benue state have it that the disputed governorship candidate, Hon. Hyacinth Alia has absconded with the money sent to him as the state coordinator of the Bola Tinubu presidential campaign to do Christmas for members of the party.

According to our sources, since the funds were sent to Alia some days ago, he did not bother to call a meeting of the Tinubu campaign team in the state to brief them. He also shunned the leader of the party in the state George Akume who later got wind of the funds and tried to reach Alia to no avail.

Yesterday being the eve of Christmas, some members of the APC trooped to Alia’s Makurdi house in New GRA to find out what was happening as their people back home were expecting the Christmas package from them. Eye witnesses said on getting to the gate, stern looking thugs chased the APC members from the gate and told them to go and seek Christmas elsewhere.

Some of the courageous ones among them brought out their phones and dialed the number of Alia which was switched off. He could not be reached even at 6 o’clock in the evening. The hungry and angry APC members who could no longer wait began to leave in frustration and regret.

Some of them were heard saying “Is that how this man hopes to win elections?” “How can you treat your key supporters this way with just two months to the elections?” ‘Let’s see how he will continue like this and win. I am tired of the whole thing”.

They said it was the first major test of Alia and he has failed. The APC members frowned at his conduct and gave the suspended priest till the morning of Christmas to release the funds or face a public protest.

The social media team of APC in Benue state couldn’t take it anymore. Some of them like the organizing secretary of the party James Ornguga made more than five posts in less than two hours lamenting the lack of any Christmas package.

Those who watched the drama in Benue APC concluded that Alia has shown early signs that he is someone who cannot be trusted with state resources as it is written in the gospel of Luke 16:10-14 “Whoever can be trusted with small things can also be trusted with big things. Whoever is dishonest in little things will be dishonest in big things too.

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