Hassan Muhammad Nasiha, the Deputy Governor of Zamfara State, has issued a call to the various sports stakeholders in the state, urging them not to politicize the process of selecting football players for the state's squad.

This was expressed by the former senator during the reception and presentation of the award to Ibrahim Musa Gusau, who is the President of the Nigerian Football Federation, and Aminu Mammaga, who is the State Acting Chairman of the Zamfara State Football Association.

The Deputy Governor said that it was time for the state to recover its lost sports image by selecting competent and motivated athletes who would represent the state without any feelings attached to their performance.

He went on to say that in order for a state to be successful in producing a pride squad, it must steer clear of using politics and personal interests in the process of selecting professional players.

He asked the president of the NFF to think of his election as a challenge not just to him but to the whole of the northern area as a whole.

Mr. Mamuda Aliyu Shinkafi, a former governor of Zamfara State, made some statements in which he referred to football as "global politics." He said that via football, togetherness and understanding may be fostered.

During the event, the president of the NFF expressed his desire to be involved in the promotion of football activities around the country.

Gusau issued a call to action to the Zamfara State FA, requesting that they make a deliberate selection of the qualifying players from the state for further screening at the national level.

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