We read with disgust the comments of the Minister of Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs, George Akume while campaigning in Gboko two days ago where he launched a verbal attack on the administration of Governor Samuel Ortom and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Akume’s utterances smacked of someone who is riding a sick horse (APC) and is not sure of getting to his destination. His attack on the PDP government is a clear pointer to the fact that he and his Miyetti Allah party have nothing with which to campaign. He is aware that 2023 is the end of his inglorious and infamous political career and the best way for him is to ceaselessly insult PDP directly or through sponsored mercenaries.

Benue people, like other Nigerians have made up their minds to reject the Fulani occupation agenda known as Muslim-Muslin ticket. Anyone campaigning for Tinubu and Shetima is wasting his time inflating a flat tyre.

And that fake man called Hyacinth Alia ought to know that as a priest of the Catholic Church (though suspended), we are shocked and disappointed that he is the one championing the Islamization agenda and takeover of Benue lands by Fulanis. We, the people of the state will respond to him at the appropriate time. But before then, he must be made to understand that he is a traitor. His acts of betrayal by taking money from some Fulani governors with a promise to give their people free access to lands will be met with humiliating rejection!

Back to George Akume. The man who had no single motion or bill to his name in 12 years at the Senate does not qualify to criticize anyone on leadership. Akume ran the worst administration in the history of Benue State with nothing good to remember him for. He was rejected by the people of Zone B in 2019 and will be rejected again with his Islamic agenda this year.

Akume and Alia are only ‘useful idiots’ in the hands of Fulani. He has forgotten so soon that the Northern elites were the first to reject him when he vied for the position of Senate President during the 8th Senate. The Fulani hegemony particularly said the man they described as "Dan Giya" which means drunkard in Hausa was not fit to preside over activities at such a hallowed chamber. The Oligarchs said the man who has always shown the attributes of a traitor, betraying his people for peanuts and unmerited political favours is not someone they could trust with a high position.

George Akume thinks only about himself and his family when power is concerned; That is why after 12 years in the National Assembly, he is insisting that his wife Regina must go to the House Reps. As far as it benefits him, Akume romances with enemies of Benue State, but whenever he gets power, he hardly uses it to benefit his people. It is no longer news that the Fulani hegemony has always gone beyond limit to put hurdles on the way of any Tiv man. They are using Akume now against Governor Ortom.

It is obvious that Akume was not satisfied with the humiliation he suffered in 2019 and wants to taste a little more of the sour soup this year. Benue people are ready with their PVCs to serve APC pepper!

Comrade Ternenge Bendega
President, Benue Alliance for Democracy.

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