Lagos entrepreneur Mrs Kwaghdoo Enyi, is reaping from perfecting the art of baking cakes. She is the proprietor of Kays Pastries Limited, a pastry company based in Lagos. She schooled at FGGC Gboko and read Economics at Benue State University.
What started off as baking for loved ones soon transformed into a business for Mrs Kwaghdoo Enyi. Having worked in a corporate environment, she wanted to do something creative. She used to bake on and off, since she was a child. She discovered a passion for baking and found her baked goodies were a hit among friends .That was when she seriously thought about turning it into a full time entrepreneurial venture.
She said : “I have baked since I was a teenager, luckily for me I had the full support of my Dad, I formally registered a company called Kays Pastries Limited in 2008.”
She added: “I started off in my kitchen, baking for friends and family with basically, my cooker oven and a hand mixer.”
Having decided that she wanted to start a home bakery business, she invested in a reasonably large oven and several baking equipment.  She has 15 staff.  Her expenses are flour, butter and other bakery items.  She said : “My company is a call and order cake service, we offer specialty bespoke cakes for events, cakes tailored to reflect the hobbies and personalities of our clients.”
Delivery is also fast; with cakes delivered in a short notice. Maintaining good relations with clients, colleagues in the industry as well as other entrepreneurs is also key. A passion for baking and the artistic side of cake decorating has steered her through the tough challenges in the business.
On ideas, she is constantly on the lookout for new trends and also undergoes training any chance she gets.
The Lagos entrepreneur is making waves with her call and order cake service. She personifies the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerian women. DANIEL ESSIET reports.