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 The family of the late Nollywood actress Ada Ameh has revealed the arrangements that will be made for her funeral.

On the evening of August 19, there will be a candlelight procession at Teslim Balogun Stadium in addition to a novelty match that will be held in her honor at Nathaniel Idowu Pitch in Oregie, Lagos. This will take place on the same day.

In the meantime, on Thursday, August 25, there will be another candlelight service held at Saint Mary's Primary School in Ogobia, which is located in the state of Benue.

After this, there will be a funeral service and the body will be buried at her father's compound in the Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State.

Her loved ones, fans, and coworkers are all in tears after seeing her obituary poster; many of them have even posted crying emojis below the announcement.

Ada Ameh passed away on July 17th, a Sunday.


 One of the contestants on the currently airing season of the reality show Big Brother Naija, who goes by the name Beauty, has been eliminated from the competition.

Beauty was kicked out of the competition because she broke and damaged the property of the house.

Remember that on Saturday, Beauty broke up with Groovy for dancing with Chomzy, which led to the end of their relationship.

After Beauty accused Groovy of dancing with Chomzy at the party held on Saturday night, Groovy and Beauty got into a heated argument that continued well into the night.

The previous week, Beauty attacked Ilebaye for defending Chioma, which resulted in her receiving a first strike for her actions.

On the other hand, Biggie revealed on Sunday that Beauty had been kicked out of the competition for her violent behavior and was asked to leave the house immediately.


 More drama could be on the way when Tuface's brother, Charles Idibia, calls out the singer's wife, Annie Idibia, once more.

After a heated debate on Instagram on September 3, Charles called Annie Idibia out again on Sunday.


Annie had called out her spouse, Tuface Idibia, his family, and his children's moms, which sparked a furious argument. The actress claimed that, despite her patience and many sacrifices for Tuface and his children, the singer's family never liked her from the start, no matter how hard she tried.


Tuface's brother, Hyacinth Idibia, was also chastised by Annie for living with the singer, his children, and Pero in the same house.


In another Instagram post, Charles accused Annie of making them "victims of her fury and the war she has decided never to let go" by making them "victims of her rage and the war she has chosen never to let go."


He begged Annie to reconsider because she is always quick to cry fowl, claiming that he was afraid of where Annie's "violence" would end. Despite the fact that they don't always agree, the singer's brother stated that they will respond if she calls for war because "life is bigger than who has money and who doesn't."


Charles, who also wished Annie well, closed by saying, "We don't all have to be millionaires to be happy."


Finally... What bothers me the most these days is the violence. Annie, where does it end... the fighting...


"Your husband has his own wahala, but is it going to be your solution to the difficult predicament you've been thrust into? Is it true that if you stab him in the chest while he sleeps over a phone call from Pero requesting that he talk to his children in the middle of the night owing to the time difference with the United States... for example, that you will have peace? ...You'd be correct... and we'd be incorrect... then what? From that kind of setting, how does he even operate as a musician?


"Have a second thought, Annie; you made us victims of your fury and the war you refuse to end... You, on the other hand, are quick to scream fowl. We can't all agree with you all of the time because, because your husband is the "King" and you are the "Queen," we must all obey your every instruction and respond when you declare war...


"Life is more than whether or not you have money. To be happy, we don't all have to be millionaires. I wish you happiness and success. Annie, believe me, I've tried. Goodbye. "

 Khafi Kareem and Gedoni Ekpata, Big Brother Naija ex-housemates, have had their first child after marrying in 2020.

Khafi revealed this on her Instagram page, where she posted a photo of herself and her new baby.

"Our miracle has arrived, and he is perfect," she wrote. Thank you to everyone who watched our gender and baby reveal in real time. "


In July, Khafi informed her admirers that she was expecting a child.


"What a sensation, my world in one frame (now I can identify with this expression). I feel so honored that God found us worthy of nurturing and growing one of His very own," Gedoni wrote on his Instagram page.


During the fourth season of Big Brother Naija, Pepper Dem, the couple fell in love.

 The musician, according to sources, had a fever before passing away on Wednesday, July 28.

Felix Odey aka Feladey, a veteran highlife artist, has died.

The musician, according to sources, had a fever before passing away on Wednesday, July 28.

The guitarist that made Rex Lawson's 'Sawale' and the succeeding single, 'Band Boys,' famous in the 1990s eventually became a Christian and stopped performing circular tunes.

Amen. May his soul rest in peace.

 Ka3na’s reaction, apparently, sparked the anger of ace Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh, who described the reality star as a ‘stupid girl’.

Ada Ameh

Ada Ameh, the popular Nollywood actress, has taken to her social media account to slam Big Brother Naija reality television star, Ka3na.

Ameh blasted Ka3na for scolding a fan who tattooed her name on her thigh.

The television reality show star had once taken to her Twitter account to mention that she would have loved it if a fan could ink her name on their body. Her wish came through as a young lady, who described herself as Ka3na’s number one fan, took it upon herself to ink the star’s name on her thigh.

However, when the young lady’s gesture went viral, Ka3na scolded the young lady for her actions stating that the young girl’s action was wrong and that she ‘does not encourage it’.

Ka3na’s reaction, apparently, sparked the anger of ace Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh, who described the reality star as a ‘stupid girl’.

The actress said, “I don’t know this girl’s name; I saw her video yesterday and I was so upset. I think she was in Big Brother Nigeria, she was in the house.

“You went on Twitter; you wrote something that you would have loved somebody to have a tattoo of you on their body and this young lady did. You now came to say what she did was wrong after she had done it.

“That was sarcasm, as far as Ada Ameh is concerned, and that was very wicked of you and that is still very wicked of you. You know yourself, and after this video, I know that people who know her would tag her. I know that she can never talk to me; she cannot even dare it because all of us are good with our mouth. She cannot even dare it because ‘craze get level’.”

Ameh continued, “My point is that tweeting that, we don’t know that a lot of people look up to us. Some people can crazily love you to a very destructive point. You encouraged her, she tattooed you and at the end of the day, you said it was wrong. You gave instances that I could not listen to till the end because I was so angry.

“I wish Instagram had a place that you can send a voice note to. I would have done that to that stupid girl. I call her stupid without any apology. You came and you were blabbing. Ha! That was wrong. Medicine after death, you have done the damage already. You were the one that came out to ask and, apparently, when you were in the house, she liked you and she calls you her role model.”

1982, I watched my first ever World Cup, hosted by Spain. During the tournament, my favourite team was Brazil. With an array of talented stars such as Zico, Eders, Socrates, Junior, Falcao and a host of others, the Brazilians were a wonder to watch. Ironically, it was the less fanciful but efficient Italians that eventually won the tournament, with deft goal-poacher, Paolo Rossi, emerging the star of the tourney.

Paradoxically, it was during that competition that a star was born. But the star did not shine. The star was Diego Armando Maradona. Then, a 22-year-old, Maradona was playing at his first senior World Cup. It was a rough one for him. It did not end as he would have loved. He was young, raw, talented and hungry for success, but fate dealt him a fatal blow. He was shown a red card in Argentina’s match against their archrival, Brazil, and that was the end of the road for him at the 1982 World Cup.

However, four years later, in Mexico 86, Maradona shone like the proverbial northern star, as he captained the Argentine national team to victory, winning the final match against the then West Germany. With his unbelievable skill, Maradona asserted his dominance and was the most dynamic player of the competition. He played every minute of every Argentina game, scoring five goals and making five assists.

It was, however, during the quarter-final match against England that every doubt about Maradona’s rise to prominence as the then Best Player in the world faded out. Even his most vociferous critics wouldn’t deny his unrivalled brilliance as a football player. After scoring two contrasting goals in the 2-1 quarter-final win against England, his legend was effectively concreted.

The sheer class of his second goal, especially, and the notoriety of his first led to the French newspaper, L’Equipe, describing Maradona as “half-angel, half-devil”. Though he fooled the referee, replays later showed that he scored the first goal by cleverly punching the ball with his hand. After the match, when journalists drew his attention to the matter, Maradona was coquettishly slippery, labelling it as “a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God”. That was what gave rise to his infamous “hand of God’ reference.

In spite of obviously cheating to score the first goal in that memorable match against England, thereby breaking several English fans’ hearts, the sheer artistry and class displayed by Maradona en route scoring the second goal, plainly overshadowed the deceitful manner of the first. In the 55th minute, he collected the ball in the Argentine half and carved his way through the England defence, as if it wasn’t existing, striking a low hard shot. It was one of the greatest goals of all time.

Maradona went on to play 91 times for his country, won two Serie A (Italian league) titles with Napoli, a relatively unknown team that he practically carried on his shoulders, and also played for Barcelona, Sevilla, Boca Juniors and Newell’s Old Boys.

He became the coach of Argentina’s national football team in November 2008. He was in charge of the team at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, before leaving at the end of the tournament. He then coached Dubai-based club Al Wasl in the UAE Pro-League for the 2011–12 season.

In 2017, Maradona became the coach of Fujairah, before leaving at the end of the season. In May 2018, he was announced as the new chairman of Belarusian club Dynamo Brest. He arrived in Brest and was presented by the club to start his duties in July. From September 2018 to June 2019, he coached the Mexican club, Dorados, and later became the coach of Argentine Primera División club, Gimnasia de La Plata, in 2019.

As immensely talented as he was on the football field, Maradona was a disaster off the pitch. He had little or no regard for the rules of life. In spite of being a football prodigy of note, he wasn’t much of a role model, as he enmeshed himself in lots of controversies, mostly as a result of his addiction to drugs. He personified the eccentricity of his country, as Clarín, an Argentine newspaper, noted: “Maradona is the two mirrors, that in which it’s a pleasure to regard ourselves and that which shames us.”

Born in Lanús Argentina, but raised in Villa Fiorito, a shantytown on the southern outskirts of Buenos Aires, Maradona failed drugs test for cocaine after the 1990 World Cup final in which Argentina lost the final with 3-2 against West Germany, and was banned for 15 months. At the 1994 World Cup, in the United States, Maradona was back for a moment by scoring a goal against Greece in the group stage. After that match, he was sent home for failing another drug test.

American musician, Justin Timberlake, has planted a longlasting smile on the face of a teenager with cerebral palsy during this year’s thanksgiving. 

He made the wish of Jake Stitt come true by purchasing a wheelchair-accessible van for the 17-year-old who is from his state, Tennessee.

Stitt had been trying to raise the sum of $35,000 (N13.3m) he needed to buy the van. After hearing his story, Timberlake decided to give the teen a present he would remember forever.

He also told the family to keep the money they had already raised for the vehicle, reports.

“It’s my pleasure. As I said, I heard there was a goal to try to get this van before Thanksgiving. I heard your story and saw a little news clip about it.

“I was so moved that I want you guys to have this van. I’m going to cover all the costs. I want you guys to have a great holiday. You inspire me, Jake,” Justin told Jake and his dad during a Zoom call.

To say that Gongo Aso crooner, Abolore Akande, aka 9ice, has been in the eye of the storm would amount to stating the obvious.

During the week, the singer became a topic of discussion on social media when a video of him fondling a lady that was not his wife surfaced online.

Another picture showing him naked also went viral.

Despite the scandalous picture and video, 9ice initially appeared unperturbed as he even asked fans to share the video of his new song as much as they had shared the lewd materials.

Posting the video of his new song, ‘Zaddy’, on Thursday, November 19, he added the caption, “Same way you’re promoting this scandal video, please promote my song. #zaddyzaddy. Thank you.”

However, he made a volte-face on Saturday, November 21, when he implored fans to beg his wife for his ‘shameful’ act.

He uploaded a video of himself pleading with fans to beg his wife for forgiveness and added the caption, “Save a sinking vessel.”

In the video, he said, “I have done something so shameful and terrible, and it is costing me my family.

“The most important thing to me right now is my family.

“That 9ice you always see and appreciate, it is because I have a backbone, Olasunkanmi Akande.

“This terrible thing I have done is costing me a whole lot. I apologise for what I have done and I need you guys to help me beg my wife. She is my backbone.

“That 9ice that you always see, that strives to bring out the best in our culture, it is because I have a backbone. I apologise for my wrongdoings and need you guys to help me beg my wife.

“I have excelled in many other things but one thing I have been failing at is my marriage. I want this marriage to work. Please, help me beg my wife. Save this marriage for me.

“Thank you so much. God bless you.”

However, the singer’s colleagues in the entertainment industry and fans were divided over his apology, as some commended him, while some berated him for his actions.

Actress, Mide Martins wrote, “God will intervene.”

Another actress, Olaitan Sugar added, “Please forgive and forget.”

Music producer, K Solo wrote, “You are a great woman and not just a wife. And we acknowledge; that is why this has to be done publicly. We apologise as friends of Abolore.”

Actor, Mustapha Solagbade added, “We are sorry. Please, forgive him.”

Kira Taiwo wrote, “I don’t even know what to say.”

Coco Banks added, “May I not marry a man that would embarrass me.”

On her part, Arike Joks wrote, “Uncle 9ice is being nice to her.”

Meanwhile, @Sistomeeh, added, “This 9ice is a disaster of a man. Marriage means nothing to him.”

@Craftbyleo wrote, “Men will embarrass you. She  is not even as beautiful as his wife.”

There are two major fallacies Nigerians grow up with about their country; one, that it is composed of many ‘tribes’ rendering national cohesion difficult, if not impossible. Two, that it has hundreds, perhaps 500+ of ‘languages’, making the adoption of English as the country’s lingua franca not only inevitable, but also a fait accompli.

 Although these sweeping statements have been debunked in a few scholarly writings, we, nonetheless, need to explode, and double explode the myths in public fora, again, and again, if possible; till the cows come home. They are patently false, as they are the lingering relics of Nigeria’s colonial education.Tis write-up was actually prompted by an interesting encounter I had with a bunch of highly enthusiastic, highly intelligent, teenage university undergraduates recently. I asked them an open question: is Nigeria a country of tribes or nations? It was instantly met with a howl of; tribes, yeah, yes, tribes! Really? I interjected, looking most incredulous. 

They yelled out the same line over and over again, pretty confidently. Then, I decided to challenge their assertion, since they sounded so settled in it. I asked them to list the characteristics of a tribe alongside that of a nation. Just hold your breath…“or a tribe, we have shared language, history, cultural affinity, territory, extended family, food, custom, aesthetics, etc”. Fair enough, I said. When they started listing the characteristics of a nation, however, they found themselves almost repeating the same indices as for a tribe. They now became argumentative, dumbfounded, and befuddled. I had made my point.  

They instinctively knew what a ‘tribe’ stands for, because, they have been conditioned to live in a world of ‘tribes’. But, there was no such consensus on what a nation is, because, they have no consciousness of living in one. 

Tribal identity in Africa was a social construct passed on through colonial education that later formed the basis upon which African nations reference one other to this day.InI Nigeria, ‘tribe’ was even weaved into the old national anthem as a parting gift by the British in 1960; “…thou tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand…”, before the Nigerian political leaders suddenly got wise and erased it from the new anthem in 1978. Digging a little deeper into history, the British ‘explorers’ and other European powers believed they were encountering “savages” and “primitive” civilisation when they embarked upon their mission to  colonise the African continent from the 1800s.  To them, any thought of the “primitives” and “savages” having well-established nations and thousands of years’ civilisation potentially rivalling their own was simply unimaginable. It was a denial of the humanity of the Africans.

 They needed to advance a theory of racial superiority in order to bolster their notion of Africans as inferior beings. Seeing African territories as fully developed nations (though not yet states) would have elevated those nations unto a position of parity with those of their own, and negated their civilianising mission. Much better for the ‘Masters’ to proclaim Africans as semi-formed, disjointed little ‘tribes’ instead.nsequently, centuries-old  Kingdoms such as the Kush (Egypt), Aksum (Tunisia), The Mali Empire, Songhai Empire, The Great Zimbabwe, etc, all in the processes of developing into modern states were rudely and brutally interrupted by the forces of imperialism, which turned them into conquered enclaves and latter-day ‘tribes’. It was an assault on the collective psyche of Africans.hen it comes to the small European enclaves, then, those were fully formed nations; not “savages”. Even the tiniest European country of Liechtenstein, today, with a population of about 40,000 inhabitants (a typical street in Lagos) is recognised as a nation with representation in world bodies. 

Wales, a constituent part of the United Kingdom, with a population of three million, is a nation with its own flag and representations in major international competitions. Now, what makes these two nations, nations, and the Igbo, the Hausa, the Yoruba in Nigeria, with 3,000 years of civilisation, and a combined population of over 100 million, not qualify as nations, but ‘tribes’? The answer is nothing of substance, aside from the ligeria, like much of Western Europe, is a conglomerate of nations; not tribes. Tribalism is a parochial attitude found in every culture, in every nation, and in modern societies across racial lines. It neither defines a nation, nor its people. Why then do the ruling elite in this country continue to subscribe to the contortion of ‘tribe’? Because, to acknowledge Nigeria as comprising nations would be a dangerous concession to the secessionist impulse in some. 

A claim to nationhood almost invariably leads to a claim to statehood. That is the lesson of history that the ruling elite in this country would not wish to see play out, as it threatens their own survival as a parasitic lot. Is it not the supreme irony, therefore, that the old colonial design of minimising African sense of nationhood is in sync with the Nigerian ruling elite’s insatiable appetite for divide and rule?

The Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, has described the death of Balarabe Musa, former Kaduna State governor as a great and irreplaceable loss.

AYCF National President, Yerima Shettima made the remark while noting that Musa was a man of integrity.

Speaking with DAILY POST on what the world should know about the deceased, Shettima noted that Musa was not corrupt during his lifetime.

According to Shettima: “He was a great loss to some of us who strongly believed and received lots of mentorships from him. His death was a great loss to those of us who see him as a role model in our struggle.

“We have learnt a lot of things, he has left a legacy that some of us have adapted to especially in the area of consistency, integrity, and accompanied by principles.

“So it’s a great loss to us, he’s irreplaceable, he will always be remembered.

“What the world should know about Balarabe Musa is that he was a man of integrity, not the corrupt type, and he believes in a just society where equity is justice for all and this is one thing I always know him for.”

The Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria , Ibukun Awosika , has revealed that her biggest dream in life is to ‘ die empty ’.
While speaking at a private screening of Kunle Afolayan ’ s latest movie, Citation , which held at Terra Kulture over the weekend, Awosika noted that the last time she acted was when she was in secondary school .
The businesswoman who is known to be an author and a motivational speaker said , 

“I am a very adventurous individual and my biggest dream in life is to die empty, which means , every talent or gifting that I have , I must use . This was one that I could not have planned for but it had crossed my mind at some point in time remembering acting in secondary school , which was the last time that I acted by the way .

“The first time Kunle Afolayan approached me I had a good laugh because I thought it was a joke . Then he did a good job of encircling me , my husband, Folake, everyone that was around me so at a point , I said okay . Bring the script and let me know what this is all about.

“I am a person that does everything deliberately for a reason and for me , this is a cause that is worth fighting for . Beyond talking about things, whenever I find the opportunity to do more than the talking I will do it, ” Awosika said .

Speaking on her experience as a first -time actress , Awosika hailed the Nigerian movie industry stating that it can be the best in the world . She further revealed her deal with Afolayan before she became a part of the project.

“I know many people that would watch this movie because I am in it . I received a thousand and one phone calls and messages after they went public .

 I have to ask to give applause to the team because one thing I learnt about the industry is the great discipline and understanding of confidentiality . We had a deal; nobody was meant to know that I am involved with the project until they go public with it and even though there were over a hundred people on set , they made sure that rule was set because those were my condition for taking part in it . When I think of how many people and the discipline because we took pictures and shared recorded messages but no one was meant to let anyone know that I was involved so that there would be no distraction and there was not a single leak until Kunle sent out his message .

“That for me is extremely impressive but more so, is the greatness within the Nigerian movie industry . The shared division of labour, the amazing discipline with which they do their work , the order in the different segment ; never judge a man till you get in his shoes, that is the one lesson I learnt . I doff my hat . I encourage everyone to give respect to Nigeria ’ s Nollywood ,” she said .

U .S government contractor turned whistleblower, Edward Snowden , announced on Monday that he and his pregnant wife , also from the United States, were seeking Russian citizenship.
The couple were living in asylum in Russia for the past seven years .
“After years of separation from our parents , my wife and I have no desire to be separated from our son.
“That ’s why , in this era of pandemics and closed borders , we’ re applying for dual U. S Russian citizenship, ’’ Snowden said in a statement.

Snowden ’s wife , Lindsay Mills, who has reportedly been living with him in Russia since 2014 , revealed last week that she was pregnant , posting a photo on Twitter of Snowden kissing her baby bump , with the caption , Our greatest collaboration is coming soon . ’’

Snowden ’s lawyer , Anatoly Kucherena , announced last month that Snowden had been granted a permanent residence permit .

Snowden , a former contractor at the U .S National Security Agency , exposed extensive U. S government espionage activities before fleeing the United States in 2013, first to Hong Kong and then to Russia .

Snowden , 37 , is wanted in the U . S on criminal charges for the security breaches , which include exposing state efforts to spy on civilians on a massive scale.

Billionaire , Femi Otedola ’ s daughter , Temi, has opened up on how she felt kissing Gabriel Afolayan, in the movie , Citation.
In an exclusive chat with us, the fashion enthusiast who just landed her first acting gig revealed that it felt weird kissing on screen , interestingly , her musician lover , Mr Eazi, has no problem with the kiss .

She said , “ He knows that for me it is work at the end of the day and I would not have been able to take this role if I did not have that relationship with Koyejo ( Gabriel Afolayan ) . He has always been supportive and I am really thankful for that .

“Honestly it was weird of course, on set , but everyone was made to feel comfortable and you just have to see it as work. There is real life and there is work . We tried to do those types of scenes especially the assault scenes as few times as possible because they could be emotionally draining . ”

Meanwhile, commenting on the kiss his girlfriend shared with another man on screen , Mr Eazi in an exclusive chat, simply said , ‘ She was on the job .’
The singer said , “ She was on the job so it was not Temi doing that , it was Moremi ; so Moremi is different from Temi. I did not feel anyhow because she was on the job .

Mr Eazi continued , “ Watching the movie , I felt awesomely proud; I felt super proud of her on her debut movie . It is a beautiful movie and she portrayed such am emotional role and seeing her be able to put it on screen . At some point , I remember I was sitting beside her and I asked, ‘ who is this person I am seeing on the screen ?’ because I was seeing a different Temi which just goes to show how good she was and I feel this is just the beginning. I am super proud of her. 

 A friend of a Nollywood actress has been exposed after lying in order to extort her boyfriend.

Mimi Orjiekwe
Nigerian actress, Mimi Orjiekwe has exposed her friend who lied in order to extort money from her boyfriend.
The actress and mother of one took to her Instagram story to post a warning as well as recount her experience with a former bestie.
Mimi Orjiekwe disclosed that her then friend was feeding her then boyfriend false information about her in order to extort money from him.
She remembered a particular incident where the friend slept over at her place and around 5:30 am, her phone rang. She kept saying ‘Yes sir’ until she got to the bathroom.
Mimi said that she knew the voice sounded familiar but her friend insisted it was her boss who needed her at the office early, reason for the call. She believed her then but later found it out to be false.
Mimi Orjiekwe therefore sounded a note of warning advising folks to be wary of “hungry attachment besties…they are evil”.

We bring you 6 Nigerian children-celebrities who have created a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry.

As kids, we all fantasized about growing up and becoming rich and famous. Talent surely has no age barrier as long as you are willing to showcase such talent to the world. Such was the case of these 6 Nigerian children-celebrities who have created a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry.

At a very tender age, these ones make impressive amounts through talents and fame that they have built over time.

1) Emmanuella

Emmanuella Samuel, born July 22, 2010, is popularly known as Emmanuella. She is a YouTube child Comedian on Mark Angel YouTube channel.

In 2017, Mark Angel Comedy YouTube channel became the first-ever Nigerian-owned YouTube channel to hit a million subscribers.

Emmanuella started comedy when she was only five years old.

She was on a family holiday and met with Mark Angel. He needed some kids for his comedy shoot, and called a few children he knew for the audition but they couldn’t memorize their lines.

He then turned to Emmanuella and she excelled despite the eighteen-hour-long video shoot, a stunt he pulled to test the endurance of the kids. After her selection, Mark Angel had to convince her parents to let her become a part of the Mark Angel Comedy team and got their approval.

Her fame started after the comedy skit “This is Not My Real Face Oh” in which she was making jokes about a teacher to her fellow student without knowing the student was the child of the teacher.

This short skit was featured on CNN’s Facebook page.

The Imo born comedian has won numerous awards such as the award for Top Subscribed Creator from YouTube at the inaugural edition of the Sub-Saharan African YouTube Awards. She also won the Best New Comedienne & Princess of Comedy awards at the Afro-Australia Music & Movie Awards (AAMMA) among other.
In 2018, Emmanuella was invited to the National Assembly by former Senate President Bukola Saraki on account of her landing a role in a Disney film.

She currently has a net worth of $90,000 that is over 20 million naira.
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2) Ahmed Star Boy

Before his encounter with popular musician Wizkid, Ahmed was just a young kid pushing to become a child star in the music Industry.

In 2017, luck came on 13-yr-old Ahmed when Wizkid was simply performing at one of his concerts and noticed a boy in the crowd, singing along with so much energy.“Why you never sleep, come on stage,” Wizkid reached out to him.

Young Ahmed, seized the window of opportunity, dropped some of the best bars of the night.

Surprised by his rapping skills, Wizkid promised to sign him. He, however, gave Ahmed N10m and signed him into his star boy records.

Prior to signing with Wizkid, Ahmed was always hanging around malls and pursuing his music by rapping for strangers.

Ahmed is worth an estimated N10m

3) Destiny Boy

Afeez Adesina Popularly known as Destiny Boy became famous after he covered the song IF (by Davido) and got noticed.

His talents and hardworking character helped him to get promoted in the pop-music industry in Nigeria.

The 15-yr-old Fuji pop artiste was born in Agege. According to him, his style of music was influenced by the area he grew up in where Fuji was is a societal soundtrack.

He is worth an estimated N8m.

4) DJ Young Money

This is one of the richest celebrity kids in Nigeria. The talented 12 years old DJ makes millions of Naira through different contracts and performances.

In 2016, he signed a deal with K-Nation Entertainment, as the in-house DJ of the Label.

The young DJ took over the disk jockey business from his father and is unarguably the richest child DJ in Nigeria.

He is believed to be worth about N20m.

5) Egypt Ify Ufele

Ify is a Nigerian-American designer who found joy in designing outfits for all occasions.

She is the founder of Bully Chasers charity, she reportedly began her plus-size fashion line Chubiiline after being bullied in school.

Despite starting to make clothes for herself, the 14-year-old girl also make clothes on mannequins and get them ready for fashion shows.

The young designer was born on May 3, 2005, to Dr Reba Perry and Emeka Ufele.

Her older sister Sade Perry is also a fashion designer.

This got little Ify interested in owning her clothing line. According to her profile, she was diagnosed with critical asthmatic health condition because of her weight which made her go in and out of the hospital.

After her heath got better, Ify returned to school but was bullied by some of her school mates. They said she was too chubby. Chubby or not, Ify makes a lot of money. At her age, she has an estimated net worth of N10m.

6) OzzyBosco Wonderkid

OzzyBosco Wonderkid is a Pop Singer. He was born on January 7, 2007, in Nigeria.

During his first televised performances, he was already compared to the Nigerian superstars D’Banj and Naeto C.

He hailed as the most successful child performer in Africa. After winning the Nigerian Kids Got Talent in 2011, he has worked steadily to make a name for himself and to become the biggest performer in Africa.

According to Wikipedia, Forbes OzzyBosco Wonderkid’s estimated net worth is under review. However, he is believed to be worth nothing less than N20m
Source: The Nation

The much awaited face of FFF contest is in progress now and voting is free of charge on the facebook page.
This is how you can vote!
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Click on it and when it's open go to the comment box vote for Maureen by liking her picture .

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Elizabeth Kegh also Known as ELEESHA is an Afro Beats/Alternative singer from Makurdi, Benue State, Presently signed to Creed Divertessement Entertainment owned by Philanthropist Joseph Mtom Aoundona.
ELEESHA links up with legendary producer “Cohbams Asuquo” to unleash the brand new single “Pieces“.
Pieces – addresses infidelity in a relationship, and what goes through minds of partners on a daily basis. The epic video was shot and directed by ace video director “Paul Gambit” and was shot in Lagos, Nigeria.
The music and video is up on all Digital sales store Listen, Download, Watch and share your views.

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Enjoy! the music video below

Follow her on Instagram @eleeshaofficial Twitter: @Eleeshaofficial

Following her exit from the BBNaija house, a serial entrepreneur has promised Tacha N50 million.
Tacha and Jaruma
Serial Entrepreneur and Businesswoman, Jaruma has promised to give Port Harcourt based Big Brother housemate, Tacha who was recently disqualified from the reality show.
The Entrepreneur made the announcement of the donation of 50 million naira on her Instagram page.
She said “Sweetheart @symply_tacha come home ❤️ U will use this N50,000,000 million naira to EXPAND ur @everythingtacha brand ❤️

Dear friends, I did not forsake Tacha & I will NEVER abandon her! I only took my time to analyze the whole situation & the fact is that she has no one else but us
Always remember that @symply_tacha Mother is Late so please, please, I beg you to allow her to heal & allow her to lick her wounds”🙏.
The 23-year-old who has been one of the most controversial housemates in this year’s season was disqualified because she and fellow housemate, Mercy got involved in a fight earlier in the day.
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